Arlington Veterinary Center not only offers separate cat and dog reception areas, but also provides a separate Feline Hospital with the facility, including separate exam rooms, hospital ICU, and condo boarding, all designed to make your kitty’s experience purr-fect.

Boarding & Grooming

AVC’s Kitty Korral offers large Kitty Condos with both front and back visibility and separate litterbox cubbies. Come check it out and make your kitty’s reservation at the Kitty Korral.


Cats are NOT dogs and their dietary needs are quite different. AVC’s fine veterinary staff can guide you to healthy dietary choices for your kitty.

Dental Care

Painful dental disease in kitties of all ages is often a subtle cause of habit or behavior change and poor appetite, especially Feline Odontoclastic Resorptive Lesions or FORLs. As with any other disease problem, diagnosis of dental problems starts with a thorough physical exam.

Medical Services & Surgery

With over 50 years of experience in general surgery, most of your kitty’s needs can be performed by the AVC veterinary staff.

Advanced Diagnostics

AVC offers the latest in digital x-rays and ultrasound, VetScope ear canal imaging, in-house laboratory, and microscopy.

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