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Arlington Veterinary Center's mission is to provide the highest level of care to enhance the lives of pets and their families. Since the opening of the new Arlington Veterinary Center facility in 2016, we have expanded our commitment to providing you and your pet a happy and healthy life by combining the best facilities, equipment, technology, experience, and knowledge.

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Arlington Veterinary Center is privileged to work with these incredible doctors and friendly, encouraging staff.

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30, 2017
Grooming Makeovers Available Now!

Kory has been working hard to take excellent care of our patients who request grooming services.  She joined us here at AVC part time at the end of July and her services were in such high demand that she went to five days a week in the middle of August.

  • Nov

    01, 2017
    How to Brush Your Pet’s Teeth

    If you’ve been coming to AVC for very long, you’ve probably heard one of our veterinarians discuss the importance of a healthy mouth for all dogs and cats. We regularly recommend periodic professional prophylaxis, with anesthesia, dental radiography, and extractions if needed.

  • Oct

    20, 2017
    Training Classes Now Held at AVC’s Facility

    Alan Brown, owner of K-9 Direction, is now offering classes for both puppy and advanced dog training right here at AVC!  The classes are held on Sunday evenings in our parking lot.

  • Dec

    03, 2017
    Indoor Cats

    Many cat owners know that living with felines can be trying at times. Usually, the kittenish hijinx of leaping off the sofa and running up the drapes can be excused by good-natured owners with patience. However, when litterbox troubles arise, many owners quickly find themselves at their wits’ end! We understand this frustration, and when […]